Office Line: Modernization & collaboration projects for Archirodon Group N.V.

Azure Information Protection and Microsoft Teams Telephony

Office Line, the internationally recognized Cloud Solutions Provider and Digital Transformation company, implemented two major collaboration and Modern Workplace projects for Archirodon Group N.V., setting up the conditions for secure and uninterrupted communication of its more than +8,000 users.

In particular, Archirodon Group N.V., in order to protect the sensitive corporate data circulated both inside and outside its corporate network and without sacrificing the productivity and collaboration of its employees, proceeded to utilize Azure Information Protection technologies, creating a Data Protection Strategy. Through the functionality of the Azure Information Protection client, users have now the ability to classify data and information, as well as encrypt files (Classify, Encryption & Protect), through Microsoft 365 platform. That way, information remains protected, whether inside or outside the Organization, enabling data to be monitored and processed or decline access to them.

In addition, Archirodon Group N.V., having timely diagnosed the benefits of integrated communication, was the first in Greece to install the unified communication solution of Microsoft Teams Telephony, integrating it with voice services of its existing call center, in order to offer upgraded communication capabilities to its employees. Providing the ability to make and receive external calls, the MS Teams platform becomes the ultimate communication tool. Archirodon employees use it to collaborate and interact with each other, be productive and communicate with customers and partners, saving valuable time, as the use of many different tools is not necessary anymore. The functionalities of MS Teams Telephony offer a seamless productive and “enriched” communication experience – while along with very popular collaboration applications, such as chat, file sharing, etc., communication becomes both qualitative and productive with customers and partners. Now, connections inside and outside the Organization are more efficient, as each user can receive calls anywhere and on any device.

Mr. Eleftherios Chrysanthidis, Information Technology Manager of Archirodon Group N.V. stated: “Office Line is a strategic and valuable partner in utilizing all the collaboration tools provided by Microsoft to integrate communications, but also to secure our sensitive corporate data. Our decision to move to a secure modern workplace environment utilizing the Microsoft 365 platform provides us with flexibility and security increased productivity, as well as integrated communication experience, both internally and externally”.

Mr. Panagiotis Kouris, CEO of Office Line commented: “We continue to provide solutions that offer added value to our customers, in the direction of modernization & collaboration, providing a safe, functional and fully productive environment. Archirodon Group N.V., a multinational organization operating in 16 countries with +8,000 employees, has timely recognized the multiple benefits of migrating to the Cloud and is now moving to new implementations that provide added business value, both in the sensitive field of data security and modern workplace solutions”.

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