Microsoft Teams Telephony

Amplify your telephony investment on Microsoft Teams

It’s time to find out the telephony capabilities of Teams. If you already use Microsoft 365 and Teams, then you are already familiar with flexibility and communication enhanced experience. By enabling Microsoft Teams Telephony, you extend your existing PBX and make calls with customers and partners. Use your preferred Telco provider, with any device running on the app, from anywhere you are, as long as you have Internet access..

More flexible working

You don’t need to be tied to an on-site legacy PBX, or be issued with company mobile phones, to make and receive external calls. With Teams Direct Routing you leverage into a cloud telephony solution, available on any device running the Teams application. Your employees can make calls from various devices, wherever they are. It doesn’t matter if they are on site, working remotely from home or out in the field.

Improved productivity

Adding the ability to make and receive external calls, the Teams platform becomes a unified communications tool. Your team use it to collaborate and communicate with customers and partners. This saves time wasted switching between different tools.


Better user experience

Teams can respond to enquiries efficiently, as they’ll be able to take calls anywhere, on any device. In case you have customers or partners that they interact with your organization through Microsoft Teams in other ways, like chat, file sharing, etc, by adding the calling functionality their experience becomes even more seamless.

Bring your own Telco

Connect your PBX with Teams through Session Border Controllers (SBCs) and a SIP Trunk platform. Bring your existing Telco provider and get high availability and reliability assurance. It’s important to consider, this especially if you’re a business where downtime in your on-site PBX can seriously impact your operations.

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