About Office Line

Office Line is a leader IT system integrator and solutions provider empowering customers’ specific business requirements. The company was founded in 1997 and has been an early innovator in the IT integration and services provision sector. Office Line provides comprehensive business solutions targeting a wealth of features that help businesses respond to real time challenges. Through company’s ongoing investments in developing top tier enterprise solutions, the company provides a range of functionalities that fit all industries; shipping, construction, manufacturing, banking, pharmaceutical, telcos, government, multinational companies etc.

Office Line SA, since its establishment until today, has developed a strong financial performance with substantial progress in revenue sizes, achieving an impressive YoY growth. Our vision is the design and delivery of high quality services and solutions creating a long-term engagement with our customers, partners and resources. As the world transforms to “Digital of Everything”, Office Line strives to build solutions that enable enterprises to capitalize on that transformation and become more efficient through realization of the potential of digitalization and cloud.

Office Line SA is a certified ISO 9001:2015 organization adopting a corporate mindset for deployment of business innovative practices and customer satisfaction, in compliance with international business ethics. The dynamic presence and innovative development strategies of the company are reflected by significant awards and various certifications including the “Lifetime Customer Value in Azure” Excellence award (Microsoft Summit ’17), recognized for its outstanding performance and catalyst influence for implementing Azure based solutions. Furthermore, the company has been awarded during Info-Com awards ‘17 as an enabler of Digital Transformation, which cements its technological innovation and strategic leadership in the Digital Era. Office Line has also been chosen by CIO Applications Europe magazine (May 2018), as one of the Top 25 Cloud Solution Providers for 2018, ranking among the more distinguished European ΙΤ firms. The positioning is based on a strict evaluation along with company’s engagement with customers and extension of business value and profitability, providing secure and managed cloud services. Office Line has also been awarded by Impact Bite awards 2018 and exclusively named as Gold Cloud Provider for delivering innovative cloud solutions.

Along with a Microsoft MVP individual working at Office Line being selected for his expertise and knowledge in Microsoft technologies, the company also holds several Gold Microsoft certifications indicating its expertise and knowledge in utilizing Microsoft technologies that focus on business value. Office Line holds additional certifications  from major ICT organizations; Barracuda, HP, Dell, IBM, Cisco, Citrix, Veeam, Symantec, VMware, focusing on technical fit, user adoption and high-quality services that lead to  real business improvement.

Our unique comprehensive offering makes us the partner of choice for an enterprise or organization who looks to extend business profitability and its engagement with customers and partners, including:

  • Mobile Security
  • Business Transformation
  • Public, Private, Hybrid Cloud Solutions
  • Business Continuity
  • Cyber Security Solutions
  • GDPR & Risk matters
  • Collaboration and SharePoint Services
  • Enterprise Support Services
  • Value Added Reseller