Azure Migration and Modernization Program

Get a free Azure migration from Microsoft #1 Strategic Partner

Azure Migration and Modernization program ensures customer success along with a smooth transition to Cloud

The most important step towards a successful Azure migration is the development of a Corporate Strategy with a certified AMP Partner, that harmonizes the adoption and realization of cloud solutions, facilitates stakeholder alignment and removes common migration blockers.

The Azure Migration and Modernization Program offers proactive guidance and the right mix of expert help at every stage of your migration journey to ensure you can migrate infrastructure, databases and application workloads with confidence.

All our customers can access resources and tools such as free migration tools, step-by-step technical guidance and training by our certified experts.

3 key reasons to apply for AMP, with Office Line

Get Help from the experts
Work with Office Line to address your unique needs. Continue to get support even after your migration is complete
Save Money
Optimize costs to meet your budget. Get Cloud migration services from Office Line.
Gain Confidence
Migrate your infrastructure, databases and apps on your own terms.


  • Benefits include Azure Credits and funding
  • Funding levels are dependent on specific factors
  • Project sizes over 50 VMs

Your next 3 steps for a successful Cloud Transformation

Step 1

Contact us

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Step 3

Moving from minimizing cost to maximizing value

Nominate for the Azure Migration and Modernization Program and get at no cost migration to cloud

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Office Line expertise is the essential key to helping companies tackle their most ambitious projects, build new capabilities, and move forward with confidence, with Azure Migration and Modernization Program!
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