Office Line proudly supports the 22nd Infocom World Conference 2020 Conference

This year’s Infocom World Conference is entitled “Transforming Greece: The 5G and Fiber Enablers – The Future is Now! Panagiotis Kouris, CEO of Office Line, will have a fruitful 10 minutes speaking slot showcasing why “Digital Transformation is the only Covid-proof enterprise “treatment”. Right after his speech, Panagiotis Kouris will participate at an interactive panel entitled “Driving The Way Forward: Digital Transformation & Security in the Covid-19 era” analyzing the IT- driven critical surviving and thriving developments of the Organizations that cope with the impact of Covid 19.

Presenter: Panagiotis Kouris, CEO, Office Line

Save the date! 4/11/2020

Section 2: 12:00 – 14:30 | Digital transformation- Economy to the next level

During this event, Office Line, will host a unique and interactive workshop where participants will learn about the benefits of cloud adoption, explore the digital transformation journey and exchange opinions in the rapidly evolving Digital landscape. The workshop’s content fits for all companies or organizations, from of all sizes and across any industry.

Presenter: Petros Livanios, Senior Technology Advisor, Office Line

Save the date! 5/11/2020, 12:00 – 13:00

Workshop: “Success MeAZUREment: Unlock value and enjoy the journey with Office Line