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The shift to hybrid work is a strategic business opportunity for every organization – one that requires a new hybrid operating model.

Our scope it to make it easier for your remote workforce to securely access all the apps they need, from anywhere, anytime and any device.

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Two scenarios for navigating the shift to hybrid work and how to access your apps from anywhere, anytime & any device.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Migrate existing Windows apps to Azure, where you gain cloud scale, security, and agility, while giving users access from any device, from virtually anywhere.

Azure Migration

Microsoft Azure is an ever-expanding set of cloud services that help every business to meet their business challenges.

Azure Virtual Desktop

Benefits of streaming apps on Azure


Grow your Bussiness

Grow your business by enabling all types of applications to run consistently well across the breadth of Windows and other devices, with minimal rewrite and hardware requirements.

Reduce The Complexity

Reduce the complexity to run a traditional SaaS infrastructure by abstracting gateways, brokers, and other resources typically found in a Remote Desktop Service Remote Application deployment.​

Enhance The Security Posture

Enhance the security posture for your Azure Virtual Desktop Environment by using the integrated security and management of Microsoft 365.

Expand Into New Regions

Expand into new regions to reach customers globally with minimal effort.

Reduce Support and Validation Costs

Reduce support and validation costs by becoming platform agnostic across different customer architectures and use cases

Enable New Business Models

Enable new business models, such as time-based subscriptions or demos, without requiring complex Digital Rights Management (DRM) solutions to safeguard your intellectual property. ​

Azure Migration

Reasons to migrate and modernize to Azure


Modernize with cloud innovation

Embrace cloud innovation as you migrate to gain agility, performance and global scale. Maximize your productivity with fully managed Azure services and focus your energies on driving the business forward.

Improve security & compliance

Security is a critical component for every business, especially as you hold large amounts of sensitive and personal data. Azure provides the opportunity to build next-generation security operations using the cloud and AI, while ensuring organizations meet compliance and regulatory standards.

  • In addition, Azure offers more than 35 compliance offerings specific to the needs of key industries, including Healthcare, Government, Finance, Education, Manufacturing and more. Through its built-in compliance tools, configuration management features and guidance resources, Microsoft helps organizations keep pace with the evolving regulatory guidelines like ISO 27001, GDPR and more.

Pay less with Azure

Azure is the most cost-effective for Windows and SQL Server. Realize substantive cost savings with free extended security updates, Azure Hybrid Benefit, and optimized infrastructure. Azure offers free tools before, during, and after migration.

Azure is designed and built to natively support hybrid environments from its inception. Maximize the value of existing on-premises Windows Server and/or SQL Server license investments when migrating to Azure. Azure enables businesses to build extremely fast private connections between Azure and local infrastructure.

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