Data Protection & Compliance

Our proposal is the Microsoft Information Protection, a cloud-based solution with which we classify and protect documents and emails by applying labels. Using labels, we set limits on documents and user’s actions and they can then be applied, automatically by the system, once we define and set the rules and conditions, manually by users themselves, or by selecting a combination of both.

The hackers also target the applications that a company can have in the Cloud either to serve its internal needs or to offer them to its customers. It is obvious that these applications must be protected.

We implement Microsoft Information Protection policies to help you:

  • classify documents easily wherever they are stored,
  • select which users, internal or external, can view, print, copy and send emails & documents,
  • revoke access to a document after granting permissions, manually, or on a set schedule,
  • encrypt emails & documents using the Office 365 Message Encryption (OME).

Why does your organization need Microsoft Information Protection?

The solution we implement provides you with a deeper understanding, as well as a granular control of, where the corporate data is being distributed and how it is being used. This level of visibility helps to:

  • prevent illicit modification, storage, and distribution of business-critical data,
  • remove the challenge of unauthorized users viewing sensitive content,
  • gain greater control of information by monitoring which users are interacting with content and how they are doing so,
  • meet regulatory data protection and compliance standards.

Better protect your sensitive information anytime, anywhere

Our experts create the environment to better control and secure email, documents, and sensitive data that you share outside your company.

Classify your data based on sensitivity

We configure policies to classify, label, and protect data based on its sensitivity. Classification with can be fully automatic, driven by users, or based on recommendations.

Always protect your data

We add classification metadata for persistent protection that follows your data, ensuring it remains protected regardless of where it’s stored or who it’s shared with.

Collaborate more securely with others

Share data safely with coworkers as well as your customers and partners. We define who can access data and what they can do with it, such as allowing to view and edit files, but not print or forward.

Add visibility and control

Track activities on shared data and revoke access if necessary. We build a powerful logging and reporting to monitor, analyze, and justification over data.

Deployment and management flexibility

Help protect your data whether it’s stored in the cloud or in on-premises infrastructures. We can setup flexible options where you can choose how your encryption keys are managed, including Bring Your Own Key (BYOK) and Hold Your Own Key (HYOK) options.

Ease of use

Data classification and protection controls are integrated into Microsoft Office and other common applications to classify the data you’re working on with one click. We setup in-product notifications such as recommended classification that assists the users make the right decisions.

Information Protection by Office Line

Our proposal for the implementation of the infrastructure of the Microsoft Information Protection services, provides your organization the ability to create a secure digital workplace, where employees will perform their daily tasks smoothly, from any device and location with maximum security and protection, according to your business & security requirements.

Securely harness the power of the Cloud with Office Line

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