Power Virtual Agents

Creating powerful chatbots

Power Virtual Agents enables organization to build intelligent chatbots that engage in personal conversations with customers and employees. As businesses grow the number of daily operations and interactions can be difficult to scale both internally and with customers.

As a response to these changing expectations, there has been strong adoption of AI-powered chatbots across every industry.

Power Virtual Agents can drive efficiencies internally by answering employees’ questions about your business or help you with your external conversations with customers from your website.

Power Virtual Agents is a low code SaaS offering

Power Virtual Agents is a low code SaaS offering, so there is no need to manage complex infrastructure or application life cycle management.

Power Virtual Agents can help you connect with both employees and customers and answer common questions and pull in a human representative only when needed to triage outstanding questions.

Intelligent AI bots understand the natural conversation, enabling them to route users to the correct topic and can rapidly adjust on-demand to meet the needs of the enterprise without needing to worry about infrastructure cost or lifecycle management.

Power Virtual Agents offers easy extensibility with hundreds of pre-built connectors including native integrations with Power Platform, Azure, and Dynamics 365, so you can meet your customers wherever they are.

Office Line will help you to target your company’s digitalization needs and guide you to a customized solution.

Whatever your goal is, we can work together to ideate and assess project ideas and empower a digital culture across your organization.

Power Platform is highly flexible and offers a huge opportunity to generate business value through mobile-friendly apps, automated business processes and integration with different services.

Our certified team can assist you to create an ecosystem that changes the way you work by integrating technology into every aspect of your business. Digital transformation brings limitless potential for your employees and create opportunities to collaborate from anywhere, on any device.

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