Threat Protection

It is common for users to have multiple devices on different platforms. That create a demand of user requests to access the corporate data and applications from many devices, which are not necessarily protected. This endangers the integrity and security of the corporate data.

How do attackers act and how do they gain elevated access?

The lack of protection at all levels enables attackers to act in this way and for as long as they want until they have access to critical systems of the organization. The attack is usually carried out as follows:

A user browses a malicious website or opens a phishing email that redirect him to a site or opens an attachment with malicious content.
Any of these options can result in malware infection on the user's device.
Another common point of entry is the use of stolen identity credentials or a brute force attack on a password.
Once the attacker gains access to the devices, it moves laterally to the network and to another user’s device. He uses logs to learn more about the network, to gain privileged access.
Eventually, he will be able to stay on your network for as long as he wants, until he compromises the entire domain and gains access to all critical systems.

What is required for protection?

It is required a multi-level defense that keeps the attackers out, but also detect and neutralize suspicious activities, quickly. The Microsoft 365 Security services provide threat protection throughout the attack kill chain, so that users, devices, applications, and data are safe.

Azure Active Directory Identity Protection

User accounts administration creates complex scenarios for their authentication and authorization to applications. We enable the Azure AD Premium features to fulfill any scenarios requirements with a variety of options. We create a common user identity for all services, regardless of location and device, providing flexibility in remote work and high identity protection, against threats.

Defender for Office 365

We deliver a cloud email filtering service that protects your organization from malware and viruses by providing strong protection against zero-day attacks. Additionally, it provides protection against malicious URLs and attachments in real time with rich capabilities for reporting to administrators.

Microsoft Defender for Endpoint

Many organizations have just implemented an antivirus protection as minimum. However, nowadays an Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR) solution is required. Our proposal for the implementation of the Defender for Endpoint detection and response capabilities provides a solution for real-time attack detections. The system administrators can prioritize alerts, gain visibility to the full extent of a breach, and respond to threats, rapidly.

Microsoft Defender for Identity

We create rules to monitor your Domain Controllers based on the collection and analysis of the network traffic. The service analyzes Windows events, directly from Domain controllers, discovers attacks and threats, and thus prevent the attackers’ lateral movement within endpoints and the reconnaissance of the corporate network configuration.

Cloud App Security

Using this Cloud Access Security Broker (CASB) service we support various features from many services, such as log collection, API connectors and reverse proxy. We provide to your organization an enhanced visibility of the application status, an increased control over when data travels, and an in-depth analysis to identify and address threats across all Microsoft cloud products, as well as third-party cloud services.

Threat Protection by Office Line

Our proposal for the implementation of the infrastructure of the Microsoft 365 threat protection services, provides your organization the ability to create a secure digital workplace, where employees will perform their daily tasks smoothly, from any device and location and with maximum security and protection, according to your business & security requirements.

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