Streaming - IoT

Internet of Things

The number of devices connected to the internet, whether it is sensors, wearables, smartphones or other, is growing exponentially, and so do the data IoT applications produce. Social networks and web site activity logs are also examples of sources that produce a vast amount of data. Streaming data may hold tremendous value for businesses but the challenges in managing them are many, including real-time processing throughput, storage costs and many others.

Azure Services

Azure provides us an extensive set of tools to tackle all the issues related to streaming data processing, however challenging may be. Such tools include Azure Event Hub, Azure Event Grid, Service Hub and many others. A new challenge that rises, though, is what is the right tool, or combination of tools, in order achieve the desired results in a cost efficient way.


Regardless of the source of your streaming data, whether you manage an extensive network of sensors for your business or simply want to stream data from your web site for further processing and analysis, we can provide guidance, help and support in identifying and deploying the right components for your application, design and implement a high-performing solution for managing your streaming data and minimize all related costs.

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