Disaster recovery & business continuity

Ensure data protection with cloud backup and disaster recovery

For an IT Business Continuity Plan to work, it has to be proactively done and not done in a fits and starts. This will ensure that critical services and products are delivered to the client during a disaster. This will ensure that the business retains client goodwill, meets legal obligations and avoids any death or injury. A well designed IT Business Continuity Plan should include:

  • Methods to ensure uninterrupted delivery of critical IT services.
  • Identify the resources needed to maintain business continuity from an IT perspective.

This should include resources such as critical personnel, equipment, financials, standby equipment, legal help, alternate infrastructure, alternate accommodation etc.

A good Business Continuity Plan could not only save an entity from possible financial hardships but could enhance its image and goodwill among clients and stakeholders; such plan could be perceived as a proactive measure towards protecting the entity’s own interests as well as those of its customers and partners.

Office Line has an extensive experience in DR projects implementations, having designed and deployed complex Disaster Recovery installations by using innovative software solutions that ensure data protection with cloud backup, in compliance with the new European GDPR regulation. The company also provides Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS).