Secure Applications

With the use of cloud computing, the perimeter of the network virtually disappears, as users have access to infrastructure and services over the Internet and so the physical location of a user and the device he uses, no matters. It is therefore difficult to place a level of security around corporate resources because it is almost impossible to determine what to include and where to place it.

The hackers also target the applications that a company can have in the Cloud either to serve its internal needs or to offer them to its customers. It is obvious that these applications must be protected.

Identity Aware Proxy

Trusted application access is about tying application access to your identity strategy within your organization. We provide simplified access to legacy applications such as on-premises applications that don’t support modern authentication. We tie them to modern identity services that use SAML like Azure AD services. We provide to legacy applications the ability to have single sign-on and multi factor authentication.

An identity aware proxy supports multiple access use cases, including SSL VPN and privileged user access, and user credentials protection for administrator privileges. We provide to our customers security posture assessments with enhanced visibility and troubleshooting capabilities to offer:

  • simplified access to legacy applications,
  • user and device access to legacy applications with SSO & MFA,
  • multi-cloud application deployment support,
  • user access to multi-cloud applications using application metadata.

Cloud Firewall

A cloud firewall is a virtual network security device deployed on Azure. As a rule, a cloud firewall offers features like those of hardware firewalls.

By deploying a cloud firewall, we offer the same advanced, multilevel security as physical gateways in a dynamic package for development in private, public or hybrid cloud. That way we protect cloud assets from malicious actions, while allowing secure connectivity from corporate networks.

Designed for the dynamic security requirements of various cloud deployments, the integration of the cloud firewall with Azure exceeds the basic capabilities of L2 – L4 for the provision of advanced security services, such as: IPS/IDS, Application control, URL filtering, IPsec VPN, Antivirus, Anti-Bot, and Sandboxing.

The cloud firewall is designed to grow dynamically or in highly available environment, and it is distributed and orchestrated through the Azure Security Center. We deploy rules to provide security automation with advanced threat protection and prevention to protect customer assets and for a complete security of traffic and data in every environment.

Web Application Firewall (WAF)

Web Application Firewalls (WAF) are designed to protect web applications and APIs from a variety of attacks, including automated bots, injection, and denial of service in the application layer.

Attacks on web applications prevent important transactions and steal sensitive data. We implement a WAF solution that analyzes the traffic to your applications, to stop these attacks and to ensure you have uninterrupted business services.

A WAF is a key component of an integrated Web Application and API Protection solution that secures the application from the user end to the database, so the traffic you receive is just the traffic you need. IT provides the best Web protection, with PCI-compatible automated security that incorporates analytics to exceed OWASP top 10 coverage and reduce third-party risks, rapidly.

Secure Applications by Office Line

We implement identity aware proxy to secure access to:

Web applications that use Integrated Windows authentication, form-based or header-based access for authentication.

Web APIs that you want to expose to rich applications on different devices.

Legacy applications hosted in a Remote Desktop Services solution.

Client apps that are integrated with the Microsoft Authentication Library (MSAL).

With the cloud stateful firewall we provide:

Web filtering based on categories.

Central governance of all traffic flows.

Complete cloud infrastructure protection by filtering traffic from and to all resources.

Centralized logging.

We protect your web applications, wherever they are using a unified WAF solution and:

Enforce OWASP or custom rules.

Protect applications from web vulnerabilities and attacks without modifying backend code.

Monitor the traffic in real-time.

Respond to incidents rapidly.

Securely harness the power of the Cloud with Office Line

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