Remote Access

Zero Trust as the foundation of remote access

The Zero Trust model requires that any transaction between systems and users must be verified and trusted before it executed.

To achieve an ideal Remote Access management environment, the following practices are applied:

User identity

is verified and secured using multifactor authentication (MFA), everywhere. Using MFA the problems with the passwords (expiration, change) disappear. In addition, passwords are not necessary when using user biometrics, which ensure strong authentication.

User's devices

are managed and their healthy condition is confirmed. All single-user devices, - regardless of their operating system, must meet the state of health standards to gain conditional access to corporate data.

Least privileged access

restricts access only to the applications and infrastructure required for each employee from any location and any device.

Ease and Flexible Management

Microsoft Intune secures access to an interconnected environment. Intune provides an ultimate user identity management service and secure remote access to applications from any device and any location.

Microsoft Intune capabilities offer:

Access to resources and data is protected by strong authentication and access policies, which are tailored to the risks, without compromising the user experience.

Users remain productive, as system administrators have the ability to provide an easy login experience, reducing account and password management overhead.

Identity management and governance of access to data and applications is performed by a unified console. In this way, we get a complete picture of authorized users and better control of potential risks related to the users’ identity.

The Ultimate Tool For The IT Managers

Furthermore, Microsoft Intune provides to IT managers a flexibility to manage devices intelligently. Thus, they are able to develop and configure the required security configuration settings on them without impacting the day-to-day operations. Microsoft Intune enables IT Executives to make the most of existing investments, modernizing their processes and improving the user experience. IT Managers have the ability to flexibly manage the secure access of users from any device and location, while ensuring users’ personal privacy and securing organization data, also.

Unified security
Secure access to corporate resources is provided through ongoing evaluation and access control policies following specific conditions. In addition, integrated security management remediates application vulnerabilities, automatically and applies data and application protection policies across all devices.
Managed devices
Deploy, reset and reuse all devices requiring the least possible infrastructure and giving flexibility to processes regardless users’ location.

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