Performance Tuning and Optimization


Modern databases, regardless if they are located on-premises or on the cloud, offer us a lot of options to tune performance. A few of the options available include partitioning, indexing, appropriate datatype selection, query re-writing and others. Achieving an optimal result, however, is a bit of an art, as there is almost always a number of different actions to be performed rather than just one.

To define those actions, one must know the respective database internals and how each option and mechanism behaves. Many times, the performance tuning and optimization phase follows a previous health check performed to identify key performance bottlenecks.


Whether you have a database hosting the data for your application, or used for data analysis and reporting, or any general-purpose database at all, we can help you make things run smoother. We can analyze and tune workloads in order for day-to-day operations to run more efficiently avoiding delays and frustration by end-users. Apart from applying best practices, tuning and optimization is a complex task that requires skills and experience, and we have both. Performance tuning and optimization will help better utilize the existing hardware or Azure service SKU, rather than bearing the cost of adding new one or upgrading to a more expensive SKU. It will also improve end-user experience, and the organization’s operational efficiency.

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