Office Line’s CEO, Panagiotis Kouris on major Greek ICT magazine-Issued October 2017


Panagiotis Kouris, CEO of Office Line discusses with prominent journalist of Infocom

magazine how company’s solutions can help businesses become more effective and digital

transformed by using the potentials of cloud.Office Line has established a robust presence

in the IT arena, mostly through strategic partnerships with major ICT organizations.

The company was founded in 1997 and has been an early innovator in the IT integration

and services provision sector. The company provides comprehensive business solutions

targeting a wealth of features that help enterprise businesses respond to real time challenges.

Through company’s ongoing investments in developing top tier enterprise services,the

company provides a range of functionalities that fit all industries; shipping,construction,

manufacturing,banking,pharmaceutical, telcos, government,  multinational companies etc.

Office Line has developed a strong financialperformance with substantial progress in revenue

sizes,achieving an impressive YoY growth. Company’s vision is the design and delivery of high

quality services and solutions creating a long-term engagement with customers, partners and

resources.As the world transforms to “Digital of Everything”, Office Line builds solutions that

enable enterprises to capitalize on that transformationand become more productive through

digitalization and the cloud.