Windows 7 support ends today, and Windows 10 is better than ever with Office Line

Today marks the end of support for Windows 7. Thanks to breakthrough advancements in technologies like artificial intelligence (AI), new forms of productivity are built. With Windows 10​, the power of the cloud makes you and your organization more productive and secure than ever. As Windows 7 support ends today, we encourage you to transition to Windows 10.

The modern workplace is evolving at lightning speed. The right digital tools connect and support employees, wherever they are, to encourage productivity, engagement, collaboration and cost savings.

Transitioning to Windows 10 with Office Line - Boost productivity and save money

Moving to Windows 10 is a key element in many organizations journey to the cloud.

More than 900 million devices use Windows 10 today. Part of Microsoft 365, Windows 10 uses the power and insights of the cloud to provide new capabilities and improvements, including intelligent security, simplified updates, flexible management, enhanced productivity and cost savings.

Improve every day work, boost productivity, efficiency and in turn, generate revenues and savings with Office Line.

Considering the value of proactive IT, Office Line delivers 24x7x365 technical support, helping you to maintain productive, to achieve your business goals, to remain profitable and save money.

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