Why to choose a Microsoft Advanced Specialized Partner for the “next” day of your business?

Why to choose a Microsoft Advanced Specialized Partner for the “next” day of your business?

If you want all your users, devices, applications, and corporate data to be secured and available in anytime, from anywhere. You must trust your business in a Microsoft Advanced Specialized Partner!

What are the Microsoft Advanced Specializations?

Microsoft has designed Advanced Specializations to certificate those partners, who can confidently and reliably implement relevant solutions and perform complex IT projects in different areas and for different objectives. The partners who achieved one of the 25 available Microsoft Advanced Specializations meet the highest standards for providing implementation and support services. These certifications have been awarded because of the proven success of each partner in providing implemented projects in specific specialized areas (e.g., Security, Azure, M365 etc.).

The Advanced Specialized Partner differentiates from other partners, for the deep knowledge, extensive experience, and proven success at implementing Microsoft solutions. Moreover, an Advanced Specialization Partner is ready to fulfill your request and address all related business requirements regardless of their complexity in the specific solution area. A Microsoft Partner with Advanced Specialization has polished skills, knowledge, and processes to such an extent that they can guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability of the provided services.

What does it mean for the security areas where each of the 4 Microsoft Advanced Specializations applies?

The requirements in the field of cyber security of an organization are under re-evaluation, since a significant percentage of employees choose to be in remote work, multiplying the routing of more traffic in cloud applications, than in the internal corporate network. The hybrid work model is evolving and now consolidating with many employees choosing a combination of both working at the office and at home. The need for safe and productive remote work is immediately apparent, requiring companies to evaluate their security strategy on how to protect their corporate apps, devices, and data.

To meet the needs and create a holistic security strategy, organization must adopt the Zero Trust model. Zero Trust security model reduces the risk in all environments where corporate data is located by enforcing strong user authentication, ensuring device compliance before providing access and ensuring that access is available only to users who should have and only to specific applications and data.

The adoption of the Zero Trust Security Model applied with the implementation of the specific Microsoft 365 E5 Security & E5 Compliance solutions and in 4 different areas that are in accordance with the Advanced Specializations.

  • Identity & Access management: Provide secure access to an interconnected environment with unified user management. Ensure that the right people have the right access for the rights reasons at the right time, approved by the right persons in your organization.
  • Threat Protection: Enhance device security, with a solution that offers vulnerability management, advanced detection & protection, and defense against sophisticated threats, rapidly. All available and easily managed with the Microsoft 365 Defender platform, offering cyber security analysts the tools and practices they need to effectively secure all endpoints.
  • Information Protection & Governance: Enforce security and compliance on your data according to all regulatory frameworks, such as the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation). Configuring M365 information protection with data encryption capabilities, you protect your data and eliminate the risk of data loss with the built-in Data Loss Prevention (DLP) features.
  • Cloud security: Apply an integrated protection in Microsoft Azure, Hybrid, and multi-cloud environments, with the constantly evolving Azure Security services for the protection of servers, containers, applications, and data.

What can I expect from an Advanced Specialized Partner?

Microsoft 365 Advanced Specializations certify the methodology, extensive know-how and experience of partners in configuring the individual Microsoft 365 E5 Security & E5 Compliance products and offer solutions in the key areas of security and in the modern workplace. Therefore, the benefits of such collaboration are numerous and immediately visible. An Advanced Specialized Partner is ready to fulfill the customer’s requests and meet all the relevant business requirements, regardless of their complexity. It is about a long-time Microsoft partner with advanced expertise that has improved skills, knowledge, methodology and processes. They have done that to such an extent that can guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability of the provided services, offering holistic service packages and comprehensive value-added solutions. Finally, the collaboration with an Advanced Specialized Partner can be the starting point of the Digital Transformation for all organizations, achieving enhanced productivity, efficiency and further strengthen the implementation of the business strategy, through well-structured guidance.

Office Line is a certified Gold Microsoft Security Partner, constantly invests in its people knowledge in the field of Cloud Security. Also, Office Line is the only company in Greece that holds the Identity & Access Management Advanced Specialization, Threat Protection Advanced Specialization, Information Protection and Governance Advanced Specialization and Cloud Security Advanced Specialization. In addition, it holds the Calling for Microsoft Teams Advanced Specialization certification, which demonstrates the knowledge, experience, and proven methodology in implementing the Microsoft 365 Phone System with Teams Direct Routing across Microsoft Azure, hybrid, and multi-cloud environments. One of the first achievements of the company was the acquisition of 2 Azure Advanced Specializations for Windows and SQL Server Migration to Azure, Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop on Azure.