Microsoft 365

Microsoft 365 is the smartest solution for every business

Empower business to unlock growth with productivity

Improve your productivity with shared calendars, multiple inboxes in one place, communicate with each other more efficiently and waste less time goingback-and-forth in emails.

With OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Teams collaborative benefits, your business can also create a common workspace to share documents and information within your teams, customers, or partners. All employees within the same organization can easily share files, work together, and share their updates, by using cloud-based technology to access files remotely, interact and work collaboratively.

Additionally, integrate landline telephony with the Microsoft Teams to offer your employees a comprehensive collaboration and communication experience with the quality and the security of the Microsoft 365 platform. Receive and make calls to your telephone number through the built-in phone capabilities of Microsoft Teams, on any device connected to the Internet.

Why Microsoft 365 is the best solution for every business?

Microsoft 365 is an integrated solution, built to help growing businesses thrive, with productivity, management and security capabilities that protects your company data and infrastructure.

Enable remote work from any place and device with cost optimization

Your business may constantly change. It grows, so your systems and software need to grow and enter to a new era. Microsoft 365 is built to do that, immediately! You pay only for the features you want and upgrade, whenever you need, or not. In addition, Office Mobile includes free versions of every Office application at your fingertips with free mobile apps. Microsoft’s Office on the Weballows you to work from any web browser. Login with business credentials and employees can easily work remotely to get work done, wherever they are!

Evolve work management with Planner and stop wasting time

Enhance security to safeguard your data environment from cyberattacks

Your business needs advanced protection at scale, strong security posture and better employee experience. Built-in security is part of all Microsoft 365 applications that will allow you to feel and be safe, knowing that your company data and files are safe.

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