Microsoft 365 Crash Course Workshop

Solution Description

Microsoft Office is the most wanted tool for all types of employees, to perform their daily activities. It consists of many familiar Office products and can be managed and configured through an online portal. As Office 365 is cloud based, users can access their applications and files from everywhere and they always have up-to-date versions of the Office applications, including new features.

This Microsoft Office 365 Crash Course helps your employees to use Office Web Apps, OneDrive, SharePoint Online and Teams to gain a better understanding of how their work items will be safer, easily accessed and how to interact with peers leveraging the power of Cloud.

Suit the way your business works with Office 365 in Office Line’s Crash Course

Across every organization Microsoft Office 365 is being used, broadly. An incredibly good starting point is to migrate to or start using Office 365 applications and tools, to create an integral workspace for your individual, team or department files and tasks, on Cloud.
However, adoption of fresh digital services is not only about using digital tools to the fullest, but also about using them as intended. It requires understanding of the native capabilities and knowledge of what is possible to get done. With that understanding, you will be able to identify more tasks that can be completed more efficiently, turning more of your physical workspace into a digital one, with the power of Cloud.

Designed for every stakeholder, Office Line’s Microsoft Office 365 Crash Course provides a hands-on approach for learning and helps organization to better visualize how they might use Microsoft Office 365 features around their business day to day operations.

Workshop Highlights

Use Office Web Applications

Use Teams for communicating with others

Understand and navigate within OneDrive for file storage and sharing

Work within SharePoint as a user

Why is this workshop important?

The scope of this workshop is to train and upskill your employees and make them understand how they can work from anywhere and on whatever device, safely. No matter which is your physical workplace, an office, a factory, or any well-suited space, Microsoft Office 365 offers mobility, gets all your data together in one place, enhances productivity and collaboration.

You can empower your employees to do most of the teamwork without limitations, improve the productivity of their teams, remotely or at the office. By attending this workshop, you can:

Start creating a cloud workspace for your team, department, or entire company.

Understand how to securely store, manage, and properly share your files.

Learn the basic usage of Teams to run meetings, audio calls, and use chat.

Collaborate, on documents & improve your team’s productivity.

Who should attend?

The crash course is intended for all users migrating to or using Microsoft Office 365, at all organization levels.

⦁ Firstline workers
⦁ Entry level
⦁ Administrative
⦁ C-Level executives
⦁ Management
⦁ Government

Crash Course Agenda

Training at all organizational levels will be conducted with the assistance of the IT department. Workshop will be conducted as follows:

⦁ Remotely using Teams, from the specialized Office Line team of trainers.
⦁ In groups of 20 or 25 people at most.
⦁ It includes a 2-hour session per group, where the Microsoft Office 365 features basic usage will be covered, and the trainer will respond to specific questions by the participants.
⦁ It will be more efficient to set up a group of employees per team, project, or department and participate actively.

Crash Course Contents

Office 365 Overview

Using Teams for Video/Audio calls

Office 2016 Web Apps Interface

Using the Outlook Web App

Working with OneDrive for Business

SharePoint Online

Securely harness the power of the Cloud with Office Line

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