M365 Security Workshop

Protect your hybrid workplace

Nowadays, organizations are managing a growing volume of data and alerts, all while dealing with tight budgets and vulnerable legacy systems. In this environment, minimizing security risks is a massive challenge. Office Line team of certified engineers assist you to achieve your broader security objectives, identify current and real threats by providing a dedicated Security Workshop.

Designed for every security stakeholder, the workshop will help your team to develop a strategic plan based on the recommendations of Office Line security experts, customized specifically for your organizational needs. You’ll not only gain visibility into immediate threats across email, identity, and data; you’ll get valuable clarity and support on how to upgrade your security posture for the long term.

Why customers trust Office Line

  • Advanced Specialized Partner
  • Gold Microsoft Security Partner
  • Microsoft’s Country Partner of the Year for Greece 2019, 2020 & 2021
  • High qualified technical professionals
  • Empowered with future-proof solutions
  • Announced from Microsoft as FastTrack Ready Partner for Greece, Cyprus, Malta
  • Strategic planning & ongoing consulting

Workshop Highlights

Identify real threats to your cloud environment.

Work with you to understand your security goals and objectives.

Deliver the end-to-end Microsoft security story.

Showcase security scenarios with hands-on activities.

Develop joint plans and next steps.

Why is this workshop important?

Identify current, ongoing risks to your cloud environment.

Walk away with actionable next steps based on your specific needs and objectives.

Document your security strategy for the benefit of key stakeholders.

Better understand how to accelerate your security journey using the latest tools.

Who should attend?

The workshop is intended for security decision-makers within your organization, such as:

  • Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
  • Chief Information Officer (CIO)
  • Data Protection Officer
  • Data Governance Officer
  • IT Security
  • IT Compliance
  • Data Governance
  • IT Operations

Learn how to improve your organization's security posture with Office Line's Security Workshop

Do you know how many phishing attacks your organization has received?
Whether your employees are using the right password protocol? Whether personal data is being exposed? The most important is to know if your organization’s cloud environment is as secure as you think it is.

Why this workshop is important?
Scope of this workshop is to prioritize report on Security and/or IT operations objectives and assist your organization to create a Roadmap using Microsoft security products, aligned with the corporate Security Strategy.

Given the volume and complexity of identities, data, applications, devices, and infrastructure, it’s essential to learn how secure your organization is right now, and how to mitigate and protect against threats moving forward.

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As a scope for the specified workshop can be include all enterprise customers willing to move to EMS E3/E5 or just started using EMS E3/E5 with small consumption.
  • Identity Management – Azure AD Premium
  • Device and Application Management – Intune
  • Azure Information protection
  • Microsoft Threat Protection
  • Security management
  • Security Dashboards
  • Security Score
0,5 hour

MS Security


2 hours

End User
Experience Security

15 min


2 hours

End User
Experience Security

15 min


1 hour

Discovery Session

1 hour

Next Steps Planning

*Next Steps 48 hours Later

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