Data Infrastructure Health check


Installing a SQL Server instance or deploying an Azure service is quite easy. You could also find and apply some of the best practices Microsoft suggests. But sometimes you may realize that the performance you get out of your infrastructure is just not that satisfactory despite the high-end hardware you’ve purchased, or the expensive SKU you have deployed, and the recommendations you have applied from Microsoft or even a random guy from the internet.


In order to get the best out of your infrastructure, you need to understand how things work under the hood. You need to know the internals of the underlying database engine in order to fine-tune it to the best feasible extend. This requires a sophisticated skillset, understanding how different components work together and how different options affect the overall setup.


Health Check services are designed to deep-dive into existing infrastructures in order to identify any possible issues or misconfiguration. We monitor key performance metrics, like CPU, IO and other, and record all selected setup options. After thorough analysis we identify key performance issues or any misconfiguration performed. Finally, we deliver a set of suggested actions to be performed, to improve the overall health of the system. We’ve been delivering these services many years now, and have helped a large amount of customers realize the full benefit of their investment. So, if you need reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, or need to see what can be done better, we’re just one step away.

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