Data Governance

Power of Data

Today, the amount of data an organization is able to capture is vast and constantly growing. The exponential growth of data is mainly driven by the emerge of new data sources, like social and IoT, but also by evolution of tools and technologies allowing us to process non-structured or semi-structured data. Data are becoming the center of any organization, driving any decision need to be made at executive level, measuring performance at operational level, and enabling any user analyze and predict future outcomes. Any organization that will be able to harvest the power of its data, will be able to differentiate in the market and produce long-term value.

Manage Data Assets

In this context, Data Governance it is more imperative than ever. With the term Data Governance we refer to the tools and processes need to be in place in order to manage and monitor data assets. A few of the tools and processes include the enumeration of all data assets and relevant information (Data Dictionary), the business terms used within the organization and their relation to data assets (Business Glossary), information on the origin of data (Data Lineage), monitoring the quality of the assets (Data Quality) and ownership and accountability of data assets (Data Stewardship).


In Office Line, we have successfully helped our customers define and set their Data Governance policies as part of their data strategy execution. We’ve supported them in analyzing business needs and define how data will be captured, stored, transformed and shared among the consumers ensuring their availability, usability, integrity and security. We’ve been using cloud services, like Azure Purview, and on-premises tools, like Master Data Services and Data Quality Services, as well as developing our own in-house solutions to fully conform with organizational and regulatory requirements.

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