CSP Billing

Companies must handle multiple bills and manage a vast variety of different license types. Having Office Line as your trusted cloud partner, your CSP billing can be made a stress-free and straightforward process. Managing subscriptions, billing cycles and multiple seats for your users and your infrastructure can be automated.

License management

Manually managing licenses is a big deal. Every single additional addition, deletion or change needs to be checked, recorded, and reported to ensure billing accuracy.

CSPs enable you to add or remove license seats and products instantly. Thus, you pay only for the licenses that you need, and you are using, minimizing your operation costs.

The flexibility of choosing a CSP with a no tie-in contract contrasts to buying directly, where you are caught up in a contract with fixed terms and license numbers.

More Benefits

CSP billing helps you in ordering, billing, provisioning, and managing the Microsoft cloud services with unmatched feature capabilities.

Discounted pricing than Microsoft's listing.

Unlimited 24x7x365 access to Microsoft Premier support.

Advisory on improving performance and security .

Dedicated team to help you PaaS-ify services.

Continuous cost monitoring and cost reduction actions.

As a Microsoft CSP Partner, we know exactly how to help you and what it takes to manage licenses and invoices.

Let us work together to unlock efficiencies that can streamline your operations!