Cloud Adoption Journey for ISVs

The Cloud adoption journey for ISVs starts with Office Line


The journey to cloud adoption needs to be navigated carefully while ISVs need to understand challenges and different triggers, adopt new technologies and embrace new technologies.

As Cloud migration is evolving as a vital strategy for ISVs, here’s some common migration and innovation triggers:

  • Preparation for new technical capabilities
  • Gaining scale to meet market or geographic demands
  • Cost savings
  • Security and regulations
  • Reduction in vendor or technical complexity

  • Other triggers require creation of new capabilities, products, and experiences.

  • Optimization of internal operations
  • Increased business agility
  • Improvements to customer experiences/engagements
  • Transformation of products or services
  • Disruption of the market from new products or services

  • Let’s get started and create a plan step by step to achieve new business potentials, greater growth and profit.

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